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Dixie Deemed a National Model in Project Based Learning & a Promising Practices School

Dixie Deemed a National Model in Project Based Learning & a Promising Practices School

Dixie Magnet Elementary is leading the way in Kentucky with authentic classroom opportunities, equitable school culture, and positive outcomes for its students. In recognition of efforts that improve classroom achievement, Magnify Learning has designated Dixie as a National PBL Model School, and Solution Tree has saluted Dixie as a Promising Practices School. These honors stem from Dixie’s proficiency in implementing Project Based Learning (PBL) and Professional Learning Communities (PLC), respectively.

Dixie demonstrates how students can solve real-world problems every day while mastering the state standards. For instance, when the school needed new playground equipment, its students were the ones who did the research, created a plan, and made sure it met all accessibility levels. And these children are well-prepared and excited to talk with industry partners to share their ideas!

Promising Practices Schools are listed on, where they share strategies, structures, and performance with other educators interested in improving their schools. Magnify Learning also invites school leaders from around the country to visit models like Dixie:

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“I am immensely proud of our dedicated staff for being recognized for our work ensuring that all students learn at high levels. This recognition affirms our belief in the power of collaboration and our collective commitment to continuous learning for all,” said Dixie Principal Cynthia Bruno. “Our staff is passionate and dedicated to our students and community, and they consistently go above and beyond to create an environment where everyone feels supported and valued. We look forward to celebrating this honor and will continue our work in this process of learning and growing together.”